Where Does It Go?


Climbing can be an expensive sport to get into. Even more so for the parent of the child with a disability or your friend next door on SSI(Social Security). Specialized adaptive equipment can cost up to 3x the amount of reguarly used climbing equipment. Your donations go to 

keeping this sport accessible and affordable to people with disabilities of all ages.


Staying active as a person with a disabiltiy can be a challenge and is crucial in obtaining Quality of Life. Yet, it is our mission to create and foster accessible as well as affordable climbing opportunities for people with disabilities. We ask here for you to donate whatever you can monetarily that we can continue to spread the message, "Anyone Can Climb".


We also accept regular climbing gear donations. The climbing gear can not be used and/or damaged. Due to safety reasons we can not accept used safety gear such as harnesses or cracked helmets. Email for more inquiries if your gear can live on!

Levels Of Gifts

Adaptive harness systems are created for a variety of different disabled individuals, including specialized harnesses, common and uncommon climbing equipment. Some specially made for ACG.

The participation of people with disabilities in sports and recreational activities promotes inclusion, minimizes deconditioning, optimizes physical functioning, and enhances overall well-being. We make sure they get the climbing time, assist with cost of USA Climbing regulated competitions, and the gear they need to be the best they can in local, national and World Cup competitions.

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