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Caucasian man and young Asian  boy looking at each other smiling wearing helmets outside in front of mountain

Celebrating the unique abilities of every individual.

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About ACG

The Adaptive Climbing Group (ACG) is a non-profit organization that provides affordable climbing experiences for individuals with disabilities, aiming to transform their perspectives. With over 1000 participants annually, ACG is the largest national adaptive climbing program in the United States. It offers climbing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities, including indoor, outdoor, ice, rock, and competition climbing, every day of the year, empowering them to explore their potential.

mature brown woman wheelchair user in seated harness climbing system, surrounded by supportive group of men of asian and caucasian descent

ACG regularly organizes indoor climbing sessions in Chicago, Massachusetts, and New York, where we foster an inclusive and supportive community for climbers of all skill levels.

ACG arranges multiple outdoor climbing trips every year, catering to climbers of all ages and abilities on both rock and ice. These events are led by professional guide partners and are designed to be affordable and accessible to all.

Caucasian woman supporting young asian girl on the a mountain climb
young boy sits in stroller as male ties him in to climb in an indoor gym

Apart from our usual indoor activities, we also arrange group events targeting young climbers, encouraging parents, friends, and other family members to attend and participate.

Our organization provides sponsorship opportunities for competitive adaptive climbers nationwide through three levels. We offer various forms of assistance, including gear costs, training, competition registrations, and more, tailored to individual needs.

male and female wheelchair users point up at climbing walls during a competition indoors
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