Who is an Adaptive Climber and more....


Am I an adaptive climber?

If you have a permanent disability that limits normal daily function physically and developmental then to Adaptive Climbing Group you are an adaptive climber. 


What about competing as an adaptive climber?

Adaptive Climbers (globally recognized by International Federation of Sport Climbing as  Paraclimbers) who compete to be recognized by USA Climbing and the International Federation of Sport Climbing fall into 4  categories:


  • Amputation/Limb Difference -Limb difference is not amputation and refers to those who have a congenital abnormality of a limb from birth. Sub categories--- Upper and lower limbs.


  • Neurological- Brain damaged causing permanent or degrading neuromuscular damage. Examples include: Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury


  • Spinal Cord Injury/Paras - Permanent damage to the Spinal Cord between Cervix and Lumbar segments. Usually wheelchair user.


  • Visual Impairment- Blind or severe impairment that is not helped with glasses.


Are there teams? How can I compete?

Some compete individually in paraclimbing competitions and some join teams. 


Does A.C.G. have one? How can I join?

To join the A.C.G. team you must apply to be given an Elite Athlete Contract. The A.C.G. Athlete gets financial, gear and coaching assistance. Free/discounted climbing for 90 days in partner gyms leading up to competitions. ACG Athletes are required to participate in 1 A.C.G. fundraiser a year and wear the team shirt at competitions. JOIN THE TEAM


I don't live in the Massachusetts, Illinois, or New York but I still need help to make it to competition? Can I still join the team?

Absolutely! Currently we are the largest regional adaptive climbing program in the United States and we will help as many people as we can until these individual states get their adaptive climbing programs started so they can help you at home. We have a network of volunteers from so many parts of the U.S.


So are these competitions real?


US Adaptive has 2 National USA Climbing sanctioned competitions a year: ABS Nationals (Bouldering) and US Adaptive Nationals (harnessed climbing). 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, male and female of each paraclimber category. US Adaptive Nationals qualifies you for the US team that competes internationally at the World Cup! But besides the official business its just fun! Adaptive climbers from all across the nation learn at workshops as well as compete to become better climbers and trade tips with each other.  And all levels are experience are welcome to come!