2013 ABS Nationals

In February 2013 the paraclimbing competition platform in the USA took a huge step forward.  Our Founder, Kareemah Batts, was the first female paraclimbing competitor in a USA Climbing competition.  We are proud to say Kareemah took home the gold medal!

2013 GoPro Mountain Games

In June 2013 we sent three competitors to Vail, Colorado to compete in the GoPro Mountain Games.  Kareemah Batts, Adam Payne, and Jon Sedor were the ACG representatives who flew to Vail. This was the largest paraclimbing competition in USA history with 15 competitors. Jon Sedor was happy to place 2nd in the Male Upper Extremity divsion.

2013 Paraclimbing Cup

At the end of Septempber 2013 we sent the first climber from ACG to compete internationally! Jon Sedor flew to London to compete in the 2013 Paraclimbing Cup. It was also Jon's first international competition. We are proud to say he took home the gold medal in the male upper extremity division!

ABS Nationals 2014

February 2014 was the anniversary of our first competition which only had 7 competitors from across the country. This time around  there were 17 competitors at this competition! A.C.G. had 5 competitors in this competition from New York and Pennsylvania and achieved USA Climbing medal status! Read more to see who won!

USA Paraclimbing Nationals 2014

July 2014 USA Climbing held the first ever USA Paraclimbing Nationals. A.C.G. members from 3 states represented bringing back home 6 medals. This was the first time USA Paraclimbing included youth in competition category. 

Competition today has grown and us with it. In 2015 USAC decided to change USA Paraclimbing to USA Climbing Adaptive. The annual national competition took place in Atlanta for 3 consecutive years before we were asked to be the hosts in 2017 in Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, MA.  ACG championed for an earlier competition date as well as a change in membership fee.  The move from the Southeast to the Northeast coupled with ACG reach doubled the competition participation. In 2018 the annual USAC competition hit its its record participation and nearly 90 competitors. 8 competitors from other international climbing federations.